Spider Vein Treatment

What are spider veins?
Spider veins are red, or blue veins, located near the surface of the skin. They are frequently found on the legs and face. Spider veins resemble tree branches, or spider webs.

How do I know if I have spider veins?
Spider veins appear as a small cluster of veins that are red, or blue in color. They are located near the surface of the skin. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may have spider veins:

  • Veins appear red or blue in color
  • Spider web look to the vein
  • Starburst pattern in the vein
  • Smaller than varicose veins
  • Looks like a broken vessel under the skin

How are Spider Veins Diagnosed?
Spider veins are easy to spot, and can usually be diagnosed by the patient. If spider veins are causing aching, or pain in your legs, an examination from a doctor may be necessary.

Spider veins are usually harmless, but if you have concerns about the appearance of your spider veins, there are some options in regard to treatment.

How Do You Treat Spider Veins?
If you are not experiencing pain in your spider veins, you can take some simple measures to reduce symptoms, and reduce the appearance of spider veins. Some treatments you can try include:

  • Wearing Compression Stockings
  • Not sitting or standing for long periods of time
  • Elevating your legs

If your spider veins are causing pain, or you want to reduce the appearance of your spider veins, you may have to seek professional treatment from a doctor. The most common treatment is Sclerotherapy.

These treatments do not cause instant results, and it may take several weeks to see improvement. In some cases, spider veins do not completely disappear, but do become less prominent in the leg. Contact us today to discuss your options!